Why Choose Us

  • Strong R&D Capabilities

    We have a strong and dedicated R&D team, and a full set of fiber testing instruments. We have the capability to design and integrate polypropylene staple fiber production line by ourselves, as well as the ability to develop various polypropylene staple fibers (PP fiber for short) for special applications. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of forefront PP fibers.

  • Strong Production Capacity

    With 9 advanced fully automatic polypropylene staple fiber production lines and an annual designed production capacity of 90,000 tons, it is one of the largest polypropylene staple fiber manufacturers in China. We can customize the production of polypropylene staple fibers with different colors, fineness, length, strength/elongation, and other characteristics according to customer needs.

  • Full Range of PP Fiber Supply

    Polypropylene staple fiber products within the range of 1.2D-30D Pantone color cards can be customized. Provide various functional polypropylene staple fibers with high strength, high elongation, hydrophilic, water-repellent, flame retardant, antioxidant, UV resistance, dyeable and other functional polypropylene staple fibers. Applicable to the automotive industry, sofa fabrics (cool cloth), geotextiles, liquid filtration, textiles, sanitary materials, carpets and other industries.

  • Profession and Dedication

    Started from year 1995, we have dedicated in manufacturing PP fiber and serving hundreds of our customers in different industries for 24 years. More than 80% of our hardworking workers have 5+ years’ experience in PP fiber production. Technical personnel accounts for 30% of the total number. We apply quality control in whole production process with ISO9001:2015 International Quality System.

  • Credibility to Win the Market

    Our company's polypropylene staple fiber has a domestic market share of more than 50%, and we have long-term and stable partners in the United States, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.

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