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Taizhou Hailun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., formerly known as Taizhou Chenguang Synthetic Fiber Factory, was founded in 1995. It is a technical chemical fiber enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of polypropylene staple fiber. The company has more than 170 employees, covering an area of 54,000 square meters, 20,000 square meters of factory buildings and 5,500 square meters of office buildings. The company has 5 advanced fully automatic polypropylene staple fiber production lines with an annual design capacity of 50,000 tons. The company has established a complete polypropylene short fiber testing laboratory, with a full set of fiber testing equipment......

  • Automotive Products

    For the automotive market, Hailun provides PP staple fibers used in insulating fabrics, trunk liners and headliners. Our products are also used as binder fibers in combination with other synthetic and natural fibers. This allows production of lightweight, strong, stiff composites that have excellent stability and acoustic dampening properties.

  • Nonwoven Lining

    Our PP staple fibers have the advantage of lightweight, high tenacity, wear resistance, environmental-friendly and easy cleaning. PP nonwoven lining doesn’t stretch in any direction. It is durable, environmental-friendly and recyclable, which is mainly used for automotive seats, lining of sofas and bedding etc.

  • Geosynthetics

    Our PP staple fibers are used for the manufacture of nonwoven products for erosion control, geo-stabilization, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, separation, and furniture and bedding applications.

    Our PP staple fibers provide exceptional tensile and burst strength, high UV protection and an efficient performance-to-price ratio. They can be customized for specialty characteristics such as color, flame retardancy and anti-UV management.

  • Liquid Filtration

    Hailun designs fibers for liquid filtration by using the optimal fiber titer, surface chemistry and converting method. We supply fibers that are converted through a range of technologies for a variety of filter applications including filter bags and filter spinning etc.

  • Apparel and Textiles

    We supply pre-colored fine denier PP staple fibers (down to 1.2D) for spun yarns used in apparel and textile applications. Now we are developing a disperse dyeable PP fiber that combines the properties of solution dyed PP fibers with disperse dyeing capability. 

  • Hygiene Products

    We supply PP staple fibers for hygiene products, with characteristics such as high strength, light weight, soft, hydrophilic or hydrophobic as option. The PP staple fibers meet the hygienic industrial standard in every index. Our PP staple fibers can be optimized for thermal bond, air laid or spunlaced non-woven fabrics manufacturing, which can be used in sanitary towel, diaper, wipe, facial mask and pet pads, etc.

  • Building and Construction

    We produce Ultra-Short PP staple fibers for a variety of building and construction applications, mainly concrete reinforcement. 

    For concrete applications, we add reinforcement fibers to provide good dispersion, superior finishing and shrinkage stress cracking control, resulting in stronger concrete products.

  • Other Markets

    Need something you don’t see on our site? We have the expertise and flexibility to tailor a solution that fits your needs. 

    Hailun supplies a range of PP staple fibers for specialty applications. They are often purpose-designed for the converting process and our customer’s end application.  Here are some examples of custom applications. 

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