PP Staple Fiber for Lightweight GMT Plate


PP staple fiber is often mixed with glass fiber to produce composite plate (i.e. lightweight GMT plate, Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics) for automotive market. Our PP staple fiber for GMT application has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low shrinkage, no yellowing, low odor, high expansion coefficient etc. Our PP staple fiber takes dominant market share in this market segment in China.

Main specification: 6-22D×51-102mm,

Basic color: White, Black

Remark: PP staple fibers with various denier, length, color, cohesion can be customized according to order.

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Hailun Chemical Fiber clients process PP staple fiber into products that are tailormade for defined applications. Every application has different requirements for the characteristics of PP staple fiber. Hailun Chemical Fiber is not just a simple supplier, we are a competent partner in product development, tailoring raw material mixes, product features and production processes to the specific demands of projects and customers.

The customization scope of PP staple fiber products we provide are as follows:



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