[The expansion of textile production capacity is more of an iteration of equipment]
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2024 is bound to be a year of capacity expansion.

The last expansion of textile production capacity was in 2018, and then happened to meet the epidemic for three years, resulting in an increasingly serious overcapacity in the market, so this vigorous expansion was suddenly interrupted.

In 2024, the expansion of textile production capacity is more about the iteration of equipment and the chain reaction brought about by capacity migration, or, this time's capacity expansion is a continuation of 2018.

Capacity migration

A common problem is the migration of production capacity in coastal areas, factories moved to the central and western regions, where the more superior policy conditions, the money saved by textile enterprises will all be invested in equipment.

In today's market, the capacity expansion brought about by migration is basically doubled, and dozens of loom manufacturers have at least hundreds of loom manufacturers in the Midwest.

After all, there are so many machines with the same investment, which means that the value that your factory can produce is already higher than before, coupled with the law of the market now, this is a fast pace.

Fast-paced market, production capacity is a little higher to follow the rhythm, the inventory made at any time may become a lifesaving straw, it is better than the list to do too late.

Scale effect

In addition, the expansion of production capacity generally follows the scale effect, which is also very well understood, such as Zhang SAN this year added 100 machines, then Li Si saw, certainly not willing to be a man, but also to add machines.

And when Li Si added, he would certainly think that he would increase a few sets more than Zhang SAN of his peers, so the scale effect of textile production capacity expansion will also rise after the cycle and comparison with each other.

After all, no one wants to become that backward person, if the machine is less, the list can not undertake, it can be robbed by peers, who has more machines, who does the work quickly.

In this price and speed theory of the market, more than one machine is more competitive, so in this year's peripheral capacity will gradually form a scale effect, who do not want to be swallowed by the flood of the market tomorrow.

Of course, these are some external causes, in fact, more is the needs of textile enterprises themselves.

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