[What steps does the production of polypropylene staple fiber need to go through?]
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What steps does the production of polypropylene staple fiber need to go through?

Polypropylene staple fiber is made from polypropylene by melting, drawing, spinning, cutting and other processes.

The characteristics of polypropylene staple fiber: the density of polypropylene staple fiber is small, light weight, can float on the water; The polypropylene colored yarn has high strength and strong tensile resistance. Polypropylene staple fiber has a certain acid and alkali resistance to corrosion, even if it is soaked in seawater, do not worry; The hygroscopicity of polypropylene staple fiber is small and almost non-hygroscopicity. Polypropylene staple fiber is environmentally friendly and pollution-free products.

Polypropylene staple fiber according to the specifications of natural fibers can be divided into cotton type, wool type, carpet type and medium long type of short fibers. They can be spun pure or blended with different proportions of natural fibers or other fibers to make yarn strips, fabrics and felts. For example, the general grade asphalt carbon fiber cut into 150mm long, diameter of 15μm, strength of 800MPa, modulus of 41GPa carbon fiber, and phenolic carbon fiber (length of 70mm, strength of 200MPa, diameter of 14μm) in a ratio of 8:2 mixed to produce stable and uniform yarn strips. Woven into various shapes of fabric or cut into fibers for composite materials such as cement, aluminum alloy reinforcement.

Jiangsu Haibang New Material Co., LTD., formerly known as Taizhou Hailun Chemical Fiber Co., LTD., is a technology-based chemical fiber enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of polypropylene staple fiber. The company has two factories in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province (18 kilometers apart), covering a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, plant 50,000 square meters, office building more than 10,000 square meters. The company has 9 advanced automatic polypropylene staple fiber production lines, with an annual designed capacity of 90,000 tons. The company has established a perfect polypropylene staple fiber testing laboratory, with a full set of fiber testing instruments, with the ability to develop new products of polypropylene staple fiber maintenance. The company produces a full range of polypropylene staple fiber products, the main application range includes automotive industry, sand release (cool cloth), geotextile, liquid filtration, textile, wood, carpet and other industries. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification.

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