[Market risk aversion significantly reduced crude oil sharply up and down]
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There is no sign of further escalation of the geopolitical conflict, the market risk aversion is significantly reduced, and the market is widely expected that the Federal Reserve will delay the interest rate cut, the recent rebound momentum of US Treasury yields has been rapid, as of April 22, the New York Mercantile Exchange May delivery light crude oil futures prices closed at $82.85 a barrel, down 0.35%; London Brent crude for June delivery settled down 0.33% at $87.0 a barrel.

The fall in crude oil may loosen the price of the firm polyester raw material, which will lead to a wave of production and sales at the end of the month.

The rapid rise and fall of crude oil

On Friday, oil prices jumped nearly $4 in just two hours, before giving up all of those gains and refreshing the day's lows. For crude oil, the unilateral market of $5 a day is not uncommon, but such a single day extreme reversal plot is very rare, this volatility usually breakdown the risk control bottom line of most investors who do the wrong direction, even experienced and well-informed veterans for this market is also lamented.

When Israel finally struck on Friday, the initial adrenaline rush on the news amplified the volatility in oil prices and in financial markets as a whole. Oil prices jumped nearly $4 in two hours, but then the market realized again that this was another highly theatrical event, and the jitters quickly dissipated with the Iranian announcement.

From the observation of the Israeli retaliation on April 19 and the statements of all parties, although it can be expected that the friction will still be repeated, and the risk of conflict can not be completely ruled out, but from the current development of the situation, this probability is decreasing with the passage of time, and the oil price has fallen by $4.5 from the day's high.

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