[Can the contradiction between supply and demand of the "gold, silver and four" staple fiber industry be solved?]
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Polyester staple fiber, PTA supply and demand improved in March, but subject to new production capacity is expected, the increase will not be too large. On the whole, the cost side support still exists, and the quantity of stock may be increased under the downstream traditional peak season demand. However, at present, polyester staple fiber factory equipment restart more than maintenance, supply will increase, superimpose more inventory during the Spring Festival, supply is still sufficient, and the polyester staple fiber market will be shaken in March.

Viscose staple fiber, after the factory inventory is not much, the maintenance of factory equipment in Shandong region continues, the supply is reduced, the raw material trend is strong, viscose staple fiber ushered in a good start, most of the factory quotes also have a certain increase. And yarn and terminal construction gradually increased, demand may be improved, but the overall trading atmosphere has not been significantly improved, manufacturers to execute orders. Downstream human cotton yarn overall stability is stronger, human cotton yarn factory quotation rose slightly, concessions slightly reduced, inventory basically maintained.

At present, the average weekly inventory of pure polyester yarn industry decreased by 2.26 days, the low level of current inventory is mainly due to the new orders issued after the holiday is still limited, and some foreign trade orders of enterprises before the holiday due to concerns about the geopolitical situation affecting the transportation time and carried out in advance, overall downstream consumption is still less than expected. However, some factories reported that in March, the atmosphere of spring and summer fabric inquiries was significantly improved, and middlemen's inquiries were strengthened, and the sentiment of grey cloth goods was improved.

With the arrival of the traditional peak season of "gold, silver and silver four", whether the orders of downstream yarn, spines and other industries can be orderly restored, and whether the contradiction between supply and demand in the staple fiber industry can be solved? In the short term, under the game of cost and supply and demand, the fluctuation space of the absolute price of staple fiber is relatively small. In the medium and long term, PX and PTA end have entered the spring inspection after late March, the support brought by the cost is expected to strengthen, and the short fiber production in 2024 is not too much, with the recovery of the consumption end, the medium and long term market is cautiously bullish, and the recovery of demand remains to be further observed.

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