[What is the nature of polypropylene staple fiber?]
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The use of polypropylene staple fiber: polypropylene has excellent comprehensive performance and wide application range.

Polypropylene is a highly crystalline (95% crystallinity) thermoplastic resin with a regular configuration. The product is a natural grain, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and lightweight polymer with a density of 0.90 ~ 0.91g/Cm3, which is a lighter kind of general plastic. Rigidity, good wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature impact (but below -5℃ is sharply reduced). Strong resistance to repeated folding. Good heat resistance, thermal deformation temperature 114 ° C, Veka softening point >140 ° C, melting point 164 ~ 167 ° C, continuous use temperature up to 110 ~ 120 ° C, in the case of no load, the use temperature up to 150 ° C, is the only general plastic can be boiled in water, and can be disinfected at 130 ° C products. Good chemical stability, in addition to the strong oxidizing medium, and most chemicals do not act. The stability of water is particularly outstanding, not only insoluble in water, but also almost non-absorbent, and the water absorption rate of 24h in water is only 0.01%. Excellent electrical insulation, good voltage and arc resistance. Its main disadvantages are poor light resistance and easy aging; Cold resistance is poor, low temperature impact strength is poor, toughness is not good, electrostatic degree is high, dyeing, printability and adhesion is poor, but it can be improved by adding additives and co-mixing copolymerization.

Jiangsu Haibang New Material Co., LTD., formerly known as Taizhou Hailun Chemical Fiber Co., LTD., is a technology-based chemical fiber enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of polypropylene staple fiber. The company has two factories in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province (18 kilometers apart), covering a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, plant 50,000 square meters, office building more than 10,000 square meters. The company has 9 advanced automatic polypropylene staple fiber production lines, with an annual designed capacity of 90,000 tons. The company has established a perfect polypropylene staple fiber testing laboratory, with a full set of fiber testing instruments, with the ability to develop new products of polypropylene staple fiber maintenance. The company produces a full range of polypropylene staple fiber products, the main application range includes automotive industry, sand release (cool cloth), geotextile, liquid filtration, textile, wood, carpet and other industries. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification.

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