[Do you know the production process of polypropylene staple fiber?]
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Learn about the principle of polypropylene staple fiber process!

The polymer is heated and fused into a spinning melt of a certain viscosity, which is continuously and evenly extruded to the spinneret by the spinning pump, pressed into a filament flow through the spinneret hole, and then cooled and solidified in air or water, and formed into a filament by drafting.

Polypropylene staple fiber process mainly includes:

Preparation of spinning melt; The melt is pressed out through the holes in the spinneret - forming a melt flow; The melt flows longer, becomes thinner, cools and solidifies. Oiling and winding of solid wire.

Main features of polypropylene staple fiber:

The winding speed is fast, the solvent and precipitator are not required, the equipment is simple, and the process time is short. The fiber forming polymer with melting point lower than decomposition temperature can be prepared by this method, which can be melted to form heat stable melt. Such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc.

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